Outlay on Major Schemes
Scheme expenditure forms a sizeable proportion of the total expenditure of the Central Government and is segregated into two categories, the Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) and the Central Sector Schemes.We have considered 199 schemes in total in this section comprising the Core of the Core Schemes, Core Schemes, and Major Central Sector Schemes.
Core of the Core Schemes
These are part of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes based on social protection and social inclusion and entail fund sharing between the Union and the States.
Core Schemes
These schemes comprise a bulk of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes and entail mandatory fund sharing and implementation by the states.
Major Central Sector Schemes
These are schemes on subjects in the Union List of the Constitution and are fully funded by the Union Government and implemented by the same.

Colour represents increase and cut in allocation in comparison with 2023-24

  • –25%
  • –10%
  • 0
  • +10%
  • +25%

The size of the bubble represents the amount of allocations relative to other departments/ministry.